Skip Edwards has been a leader in the Decorative Concrete Polishing for over 15 years and gained most of it contracting across the country. He has redefined and created many of the industries standards for grinding, polishing, staining and sealing. Skip worked with a few large manufactures to develop specialized equipment and define industry specs. His intuitive insight and strong emphasis on reducing the workload by applying smart technology makes his approach easy to adopt.

In 2011 and 2012 Skip was awarded at the World Of Concrete the prestigious award for 1st place in the Best of Class Propane during the Concrete Rodeo. This award defines his talent and understanding of the Polishing industry and cements him into the leadership of this group.

Skip is well known by the top manufacturing leaders for the Polishing equipment and has worked with Ameripolish, CPS, STS Rapid Set, Diamatic, HTC and Gelmaxx.

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