Water-based and Solvent Stain Training

Water-based and Solvent staining is the core to Skip’s strength. He has worked with the leading industries manufactures to develop the right techniques for installing color stains to the concrete flooring projects across the country. Product, technique, education and troubleshooting are the tools needed to produce good quality work while maintaining profitability. The Skip Training program teaches in a real job site style training facility which give you the boots on the ground experience.



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Stenciling and Specialized Staining Training

Stenciling and Specialized Color Stain training is an exciting and highly profitable market. This technique is not preformed by just any contractor. It takes great skill and understanding the resources needed to create highly complicated and decorative artwork on a concrete canvas. The Skip Training Program has a specialized training course that teaches you and your crews the basics to advanced techniques in floor stenciling and coloring methods. Our programs offers real time, hands-on training of a full stenciling project from beginning to end. Continue reading

Polished Concrete Floor Training

The polished concrete floor industry has grow the most over the past few years. The commercial real estate marketplace has driven the growth and will be a strong income stream over the next 10 years. Skip has been a leader in developing a special program that offers the polishing and floor maintenance contractors a competitive package of equipment, tooling and techniques to give you a strong competitive edge.

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