The Skip Edwards training program was designed to teach the concrete contractors the very latest techniques and technologies for the Decorative Concrete Polishing industry.  This program offers a wide range of topics from understanding concrete surfaces, grinding and polishing tooling and floor maintenance. This specialized course will help you understand the Polishing industry and how to profit while saving time and money. Courses are offered for 1 on 1 or team training programs. We can build you a custom training program that fits your budget and needs

The range of course topics:

  • Understanding concrete surfaces
    • Low shine
    • High shine
    • Slippery
    • Hard / soft
  • Grinding and polishing
    • Techniques
  • Understanding diamond tooling
    • Explanation of grits
    • Application and timing
  • Color Staining
    • Water based
    • Acetone based
  • Sealers
    • Installation techniques
    • Maintenance specification
  • Equipment
    • Understating the right equipment for the job
    • Grinders and polishing machines
    • Burnisher
    • Autoscrubbers
    • Edge grinders
  • Crack repair
    • Joint Filler
    • Spall repair
  • Logo and Floor stenciling
  • Maintenance
    • How to prepare for use
    • Maintenance techniques
    • Maintenance estimating and Pricing
  • Certifications
  • Other topics
    • Overlays
    • Epoxy
    • Self-levers

Training programs are performed in a real working environment and gives the student the opportunity to practice the techniques learned during the course. This hands on training program give the operator the experience needed to take home the techniques required to save time and make money in the industry.

We offer onsite training, phone support, website training videos and a website with a growing knowledge base of the latest in techniques.

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